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The changing nature of social investment at a time of rising expectation

Online 15 June 2016 15:00 - 16:00

The landscape of ‘social investment’ is changing amidst rising expectations from investors, regulators, host communities, and other stakeholders. The most common question being asked, both internally and externally, is whether these investments are achieving real impact. As a result, companies have committed time and resources, in some cases in large quantity, to unpick what it means to create social as well as business value.

Corporate Citizenship will be hosting a webinar for IPIECA members to:

• Outline a ‘social investment map’ to demystify the changing landscape of social investment.
• Present a set of practical tools and processes to support companies with:
    o setting objectives;
    o identifying activities;
    o defining the approach, and
    o measuring the impact.
• Share the latest data on what leading companies are achieving through their social investment.

Corporate Citizenship is a global sustainability consultancy with a presence in London, Melbourne, New York, San Francisco, Santiago and Singapore. It works with companies across the spectrum of sustainability in addition to managing LBG, the global standard for measuring corporate community investment.

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