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Biodiversity and ecosystem services

IPIECA has been addressing biodiversity issues since 1992. In 2002, IPIECA formed a Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Working Group (BESWG) with the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (OGP).

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The Issue IPIECA activities Member actions

The issue

Biodiversity is the variability among living organisms within a given ecosystem. It can include not only living organisms and their complex interactions, but also interactions with the non-living aspects of their environment. Biodiversity is at the basis of the integrity and the effective working of ecosystems and the services they provide, and therefore can be used as a measure of their status and health.

The oil and gas industry recognizes that the ability to continue our business, and to access new resources, is dependent on the ability to explore for and develop reserves without adversely affecting nature.  Oil and gas companies therefore seek to integrate biodiversity considerations into their business practices and operations to minimize risks and maximize opportunities to make a positive contribution to biodiversity conservation and improve ecosystem services.

IPIECA activities

The Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Working Group is an international oil and gas forum working to improve the way the industry recognizes and manages biodiversity impacts, and engages with society on biodiversity conservation issues.

The Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Working Group is currently working on:

  • integrating Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service concepts and management into oil and gas operations by developing science based good practice tools using the mitigation hierarchy as a reference framework
  • engaging with stakeholders within and outside the industry about biodiversity
  • understanding regulatory trends and emerging issues
  • effectively communicating, externally and internally IPIECA's approach and products

 IPIECA develops tools and guidance whilst also running workshops and developing case-study examples to both communicate and illustrate industry action.


Member action

IPIECA has gathered a number of case studies illustrating ways that our members are addressing the topic of biodiversity. Please visit the dedicated case study page.