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The OGP-IPIECA Health Committee (OIHC) has been in existence since 2003 and gives members a forum where they can identify, debate and share best health practices.

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The Issue IPIECA activities Member actions

The issue

Many oil and gas industry people work in extreme climates and difficult environments where the health risks can range from disease to the presence of potentially hazardous chemicals.

Employers have a duty to protect their workforce and help them to stay healthy. They therefore need to provide employees with a healthy working environment, information and training on the risks they may face, and be ready to take care of them if things go wrong.

The oil and gas industry is often a major employer in local communities. This provides opportunities to improve the health of people beyond the workplace by:

  • providing health education
  • encouraging employees to adopt healthy lifestyles and follow health guidelines
  • supporting self-sustaining improvements to local health infrastructure
  • providing information on how to safely manage the side-effects of oil and gas products


IPIECA activities

This Committee, which IPIECA jointly runs with the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (OGP), develops guidance and recommendations on occupational, environmental and public health issues that are relevant to oil and gas industry organizations and the communities where they operate.

The OGP-IPIECA Health Committee is currently working on:

  • Fatigue in fly-in, fly-out operations
  • Fatigue risk assessment


Past work has included a number of publications, most recently on:









Member action

Below are a number of case studies that provide an example of initiatives undertaken by IPIECA members.