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Oil spill preparedness

IPIECA has been working to harness the collective expertise and technology of the oil industry on the topic of oil spill preparedness and response since 1987. While prevention is always the ultimate goal, the oil industry - and IPIECA - gives equally high priority to developing the capability to respond to spills.

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The issue

Oil spills remain one of the most serious environmental risks for the oil and shipping industries as the environment and livelihoods can be considerably affected in the event of a significant incident. Although large spills from tankers and oil industry operations have become less frequent in the last few decades, accidents still happen and, because of their potential impact, they represent a serious risk that must be effectively managed.

IPIECA activities

IPIECA has played a key role in initiating and facilitating industry forums to share oil spill preparedness and response good practice. Activities stem primarily from the work of IPIECA’s Oil Spill Working Group. Formed in 1987, the Group aims to improve oil spill preparedness and response around the world by:

  • Enabling the industry and its partners to improve oil spill preparedness and response around the world
  • Informing global policy and external stakeholders pro-actively and credibly on oil spill related issues
  • Monitoring, assessing, and (where necessary) responding to oil spill related developments

Member action