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Sustainability Reporting

IPIECA members have been working together on sustainability reporting since 2002 with the aim of helping companies to improve the quality and consistency of their reports and encouraging reporting across the oil and gas industry. 

The second edition of the IPIECA, API and OGP Oil and gas industry guidance on voluntary sustainability reporting was published in December 2010. 

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The issue

The oil and gas sector continues to provide essential energy for society’s development. IPIECA member companies also recognize that managing sustainability impacts associated with producing fuels and other energy products is an important responsibility. This includes addressing the challenges associated with climate change risks, and operating in remote and sensitive areas of the world.  IPIECA supports the industry in addressing these and other sustainability challenges. We also promote continuous performance improvement on environmental, health and safety, and socio-economic topics by developing and sharing good industry practices. An important practice is sustainability reporting. Clear and consistent reporting helps companies create a solid platform for productive engagement and performance improvement.

IPIECA activities

The second edition of the Oil and gas industry guidance on voluntary sustainability reporting was published in December 2010 and is widely used across the oil and gas industry to guide the content of sustainability reports. 

To accompany the 2010 Guidance IPIECA has developed:

The Guidance has been endorsed by a number of oil and gas industry associations who are committed to promoting the practice of sustainability reporting to their members.  They include:

In February 2012 GRI published the Oil and Gas Sector Supplement (OGSS).  While both GRI and IPIECA used different approaches to developing and structuring their guidance they have the same goal – to encourage consistent and high quality reporting. Both organizations used each other’s work to inform their documents and have aligned their content where possible. To faciliate ease of use of both reporting guidelines IPIECA and GRI have developed two mapping documents to demonstrate alignment between the indicators in each, one from GRI to IPIECA and the other IPIECA to GRI. Visit the Global Reporting Initiative section for further information.

Contact the Secretariat if you have any further queries or would like to request hard copies of the Guidance.

Member action

The latest Member sustainability reports are available from the links below: