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Social responsibility

IPIECA formed a Social Responsibility Working Group (SRWG) in 2002 to share good practice on social responsibility issues including human rights, local content, indigenous peoples and social investment.

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The issue

The oil and gas industry operates in some of the most difficult places in the world. Companies face an especially complex situation in emerging economies, where they may be the first to do business with government processes and agencies that are still evolving.

In developing countries, suppliers tend to be scarce. People may live a long way from healthcare, education and other services. Companies have to meet the challenges of working in such situations, and they must also adapt to local practices and cultural differences.

In this type of environment, companies depend on the strength of their own organization, policies, business practices and codes of conduct, and on their ability to access the necessary expertise. Training for staff and contractors is very important, especially in key areas such as safety, human rights and managing business relationships.

IPIECA activities

The Social Responsibility Working Group gives IPIECA members a unique forum in which to share information and coordinate responses to some of the social responsibility issues and challenges surrounding the oil and gas industry.

The Social Responsibility Working Group is currently working on:

It also participates in and observes a number of external initiatives.

The working group has produced a number of publications used by the industry, including:


Member action

IPIECA has gathered a number of case studies illustrating ways that our members are addressing the topic of social responsibility. Please visit the case studies page.