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 May 2017

 Thursday 18th at 0900 UK for the "Early" call & 1600 UK for the "Late" call. 

Item Material Outcome
1. Previous meeting minutes

1.1 March call minutes

1.2 DRAFT April Houston meetings minutes

For review of actions
2. CCUS workshop update 2.1 CCUS workshop outline

For information and discussion

3. Moody's report on Oil and Gas Asset risk

3.1 "Oil and gas industry faces significant credit risks from carbon transition" report

For discussion and decision


4. Scenario analysis factsheet and IHS paper

4.1 IHS paper

4.2 Scenario analysis factsheet outline

For dicussion and CCWG view on TF proposal to develop our factsheet
5. UN Environment - IPIECA workshop update   For information
6. 2018 Work Items (for IPIECA June Planning Workshop)

6.1 Possible 2018 work items

6.2 Strategy plan

For review
7. June virtual meeting 7.1 June virtual meeting agenda For information and review of CCWG agenda