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Data on mercury in crude oil presented to UN

22 Feb 2012

The IPIECA Operations, Fuels and Product Issues Committee (OFPIC) Chair, Brian Doll, ExxonMobil presented IPIECA’s data on mercury in crude oils to the opening technical session of the third session of the UN International Negotiating Committee (INC-3) to develop a global agreement on the control of mercury in emissions and products. The IPIECA data showed that mercury levels in crude oils based on modern testing methods are significantly lower than levels quoted by UNEP from older literature articles. While oil and gas emissions are still under consideration by INC, a large coalition of countries evolved at INC-3 in favour of dropping them from the treaty.

OFPIC recently approved the terms of reference for a Mercury Task Force to follow these negotiations and begin work on a good practices document on mercury management in the oil and gas industry. For further information please visit the Mercury Task Force page on the IPIECA website (note you will need to be logged into the IPIECA website before you can access the page) or contact the Project Manager, Estella Nucci.

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