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IPIECA provides a unique forum to share information and coordinate responses to social responsibility issues and challenges surrounding the oil and gas industry. This helps the oil and gas industry to operate responsibly and proactively contribute to society where it can, whilst engaging positively with communities and stakeholders.

IPIECA members start from the principle that managing local impacts and maximizing the social and economic benefits of their presence are essential project elements. Pursuing these goals helps companies to manage their own risks as well as potential impacts on others.


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    IPIECA launches ‘Environmental and social good practice for the energy transition’

    IPIECA launches a compendium of good practice and tools useful for the alternative energy sector.

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    Human Rights Day 2019

    10 December is Human Rights Day. IPIECA members recognise that respect for human rights is a core expectation of business.

    10 December 2019
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    IPIECA is endorsing the Sustainable Ocean Summit 2019

    The Sustainable Ocean Summit will take place in Paris 20-22 November, with the theme ‘Investing in Ocean Futures: Finance and Innovation for the Blue Economy’.