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Responsible management of supply chains is critical as contractors and suppliers form a significant part of the business model for oil and gas companies. Transparency and social performance throughout the supply chain are under increasing public scrutiny. Lack of management attention in this area can lead to reputation damage and affect business performance.  

IPIECA continues to promote the integration of socially and environmentally responsible practices across the entire supply chain.

Supply chain library of questions and resources

In 2015, IPIECA issued a supply chain library of questions and resources, a document intended to help procurement practitioners and others engaged in the supply chain to identify and manage human rights and environmental risks in the supply chain. The document, available to IPIECA members, addresses key company concerns about labour standards and the environment. These include issues such as child labour and young workers, forced labour and human trafficking, non-discrimination, freedom of association, working conditions, health and safety, grievance mechanisms and environmental responsibility.