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Community liaison officers team building and management guidance

October 2018

IPIECA has developed Community liaison officers team building and management guidance, to assist community relations managers in planning their community liaison teams and recruiting community liaison officers (CLOs). The guidance is complemented by a CLO management toolkit to help deliver the content. The toolkit is designed for use in any global context but can be used flexibly. It can help managers in the recruitment, training, and planning and management of CLO teams. The full set of tools is listed below.

  • Tool 1 - Master list of community-facing responsibilities
  • Tool 2 - Competency framework
  • Tool 3 - Job description templates
  • Tool 4 - Recruitment planner
  • Tool 5 - Training and professional development planner
  • Tool 6a - Training guide
  • Tool 6b - Training slides with speaker notes

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