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Key biodiversity questions in the oil and gas lifecycle

July 2006

The guidance document sets out key biodiversity questions that should be considered by both business managers and practitioners throughout all stages of an oil and gas lifecycle project. In doing so it complements existing guidance in looking at the subject through a business process angle. Its aim is to be a tool to stimulate the timely planning of biodiversity related work, and to enable key questions regarding biodiversity to be incorporated into risk management systems. CD-ROM ISO file enables the functionality of the original tool. This previous product was developed in 2006 in order to use it with current systems please use following instructions: Download the file and right click on it Select ‘Open with’ and choose one of the recommended options. Choose ‘Window Disk Image Burner’ only if you would like to save the content on a blank CD-ROM or DVD. Alternatively, go to Slysoft website and download and install Virtual CloneDrive (free ‘safe’ software) Once you the software is installed, right click on the BDWG.ISO file. and select Open with / Mount Files with Virtual CloneDrive From the folder, select ‘ptstart.exe’ to launch the tool.   All PDF documents included in the CD-ROM tool withouth the interactive functionality are available via the zip file.

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