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  • What is IPIECA?

    IPIECA is the global oil and gas industry association for advancing environmental and social performance. IPIECA convenes a significant portion of the oil and gas industry across the value chain, bringing together the expertise of oil and gas companies and associations to develop, share and promote good practice and knowledge.

    IPIECA is the industry’s principal channel of engagement with the United Nations. Its unique position enables its members to support the energy transition and contribute to sustainable development.

  • What is the IPIECA vision?

    IPIECA’s vision is for an oil and gas industry whose operations and products meet society’s environmental and social performance expectations.

  • What is IPIECA's role in the oil and gas industry?

    IPIECA performs two main roles. Firstly, we use our convening power to bring together professionals from the member companies to work together to develop, promote and share good practice that enables the industry to improve its environmental and social performance. We use this information and our networks to enhance and communicate knowledge. The second role for IPIECA is to be the principal channel of communication with the United Nations (UN) for environmental and social issues.

  • What are the benefits for IPIECA members?

    Companies benefit from membership of IPIECA through:

    • Development of, and access to, information and internationally recognized good practices
    • Representation at the United Nations and major international meetings and events
    • Access to peer expertise
    • Access to latest thinking and knowledge on global issues
    • Enhanced understanding of stakeholder expectations on climate and energy, environmental and social issues
    • Contributing to a unified voice
    • Taking a collaborative approach to emerging issues
    • Building networks within the industry and with key external stakeholders
  • What are the commitments of IPIECA members?

    IPIECA members recognize that they have a crucial role to play in supporting sustainable development. We believe that it is important for companies to self-determine how improved sustainability performance is achieved at corporate, business or local levels. IPIECA members are committed to continuous performance improvements and IPIECA is dedicated to supporting this through developing and promoting the implementation of industry-wide good practices and solutions.

  • How do you become an IPIECA member?

    If you would like to find out more about joining IPIECA, please contact Avella Daley, +44 (0) 20 7633 2371, Alternatively, please use our contact form.

  • Who can become an IPIECA member?

    We have three categories of membership:

    • Corporate members
      international and national oil and gas companies of any size, with operations in exploration, production, transportation or refining.
    • Associate members
      any company or corporate body which provides services in connection with exploration, production, treatment, storage or transportation.
    • Association members:
      international, regional and national associations covering environmental or social aspects of exploration, production or refining.
  • Can individuals become IPIECA members?

    IPIECA membership is only open for oil and gas companies and associations, field service companies and Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contractors. Therefore individuals cannot apply for a membership.

  • How can I order an IPIECA publication?

    IPIECA publications are available to download free of charge from our online library. Should you wish to obtain hard copies, please email the Secretariat.

  • Is IPIECA for profit?

    IPIECA is a not for profit association that provides a forum for encouraging continuous improvement in industry performance. IPIECA is funded by corporate and associate member companies via an annual contribution according to a formula based on relative production and geographic spread of operations. Association memberships are free of cost.

  • Does IPIECA work in partnership with other organizations?

    Yes, IPIECA works in partnership with other organizations. Please visit our Who we work with page for more details.

  • Is IPIECA a lobbying organization?

    IPIECA is not a lobbying organization, but provides a forum for encouraging continuous improvement of industry performance.

  • What are IPIECA's areas of interest?

    Currently, IPIECA has member-led groups focusing on each of the following topics: 

    • Biodiversity and ecosystem services
    • Climate change
    • Environment
    • Health
    • Human rights
    • Oil spill preparedness
    • Fuels and products
    • Reporting
    • Social responsibility
    • Supply chain
    • Water
  • How do I contact IPIECA?


    14th Floor
    City Tower
    40 Basinghall Street
    London EC2V 5DE
    United Kingdom

    Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7633 2371 


  • How to reach the IPIECA Secretariat