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Ipieca’s suite of good practice and tools support companies to produce the energy the world needs with lower emissions, while enhancing people’s lives and caring for nature.

We also support the sustainable scale up of energy transition solutions, advancing environmental and social performance across the energy transition.

Tackling greenhouse gas emissions

Ipieca-IOGP-World Bank’s GGFR Flaring management guidance

  • Raises awareness, understanding and adoption of flare reduction best practices
  • Identifies options for the deployment of flare reduction technology
  • Explores approaches to monetize associated gas instead of flaring
  • Demonstrates how governments and regulatory bodies can encourage and incentivize the utilization of associated gas
  • Showcases industry best practice in flare reduction

Reducing methane emissions

Ipieca-IOGP-OGCI Recommended practices for methane emissions detection and quantification technologies - upstream

A guide to help operators select and deploy methane detection and quantification technologies. An online filter tool enables operators to find the right technology for their specific needs.

Explore more Ipieca work on reducing methane emissions.

Energy efficiency

Ipieca-IOGP Compendium of energy and GHG efficient technologies and practices

The compendium provides information on energy efficiency technologies and practices which can be used in upstream and downstream oil and gas facilities and advice on implementing them. The compendium also shows practical examples of their use where possible, and the business case for adopting the technologies and good practices.

Carbon capture and storage

Ipieca-SPE Gaia-IOGP-OGCI Carbon capture and storage webinar series

This webinar series shares knowledge and good practice around the scaling up of carbon capture and storage technology, including key issues, environmental responsibility, financial incentives, policy, and liability concerns.

Explore more Ipieca work on CCS.


Ipieca Hydrogen: enabling the energy transition and the pathways to net-zero emissions

This awareness brief provides a broad overview of hydrogen-related technology and areas of application, exploring the different methods by which hydrogen can be produced and stored, as well as the opportunities for its use in industry, transportation and households. It also features industry case studies.

Nature-based solutions

Ipieca-OGCI Natural climate solutions: high carbon stock ecosystems management

Provides six natural climate solutions (NCS) management practices to ensure that NCS projects deliver positive outcomes to mitigate climate change and also benefit people and nature.

Cleaner fuels and products

Ipieca-UNEP Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles Lower-sulphur fuels, road transport strategies and air quality improvements

Discusses the characteristics of effective air quality management frameworks and recommends a holistic approach to reducing mobile source emissions by treating the vehicle, the fuels and the infrastructure as an integrated system.

Learn more about Ipieca's work to lower emissions in road transportation, shipping and aviation.

Scaling up renewables sustainably

Ipieca Environmental and social good practice for the energy transition: a compendium of Ipieca good practices

The compendium provides an overview of Ipieca guidance and tools which can advance the environmental and social performance of renewable energy projects, helping them to scale up sustainably.

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