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'Health as a business value' workshop

London, UK 29 January, 12:30 - 30 January 2015, 13:30

Physical health and psychological well-being play a decisive role for the willingness for high efficiency, flexibility and innovativeness of a person. Employees’ workability, health, and well-being are an intermediate step on the pathway to profitability. Peter Drucker called on organisations to pay close attention to the health and well-being of all their workers - because the success and the survival of every business will depend on the performance of its workforce (Drucker, 2002: pp.70-77). Some organisations have already understood this interrelationship and invest in health promoting activities. In many Oil and Gas Companies these interrelationships are not fully understood and they are just seen as fringe benefits and social activities- not as investment in the productivity of the organisation. The reason for the lack of understanding and insight in the interrelationship between health and productivity can be seen by the poor evidence of this phenomenon. Although there is evidence on Return on Investment (ROI) of vaccinations offered by companies, more complex interrelationships between health and productivity are not available and difficult to be communicated.

This workshop will discuss the state of the art on these topics, exchange on scientific approaches and most importantly address how the communications about these interrelationships should be carried out in a way that managers of the oil and gas industry can understand and harvest the full potential of health promotion and health care.This workshop will be the starting point of activities within the Health Committee of IOGP/IPECA and will aim to:

- Examine the prevailing ways that the health issues have been typically addressed in the business environment
- Discuss about innovative and scientific approaches/models that can effectively reduce the health threats in the workplace safety and productivity
- Convey in business language the interrelationships between health and productivity including examples from international health promotions and health care systems that have been or will be deployed

Eventually, all the above, will inform for a broader workshop organization, which will involve Senior Managers within the Oil and Gas industry to raise awareness that ‘health can be an enabler for productivity’ and demonstrate why health should be considered a core business value within organizations- it is not a task of the doctors.

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