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International Association for Impact Assessment 2016: Resilience and Sustainability

Aichi-Nagoya, Japan 11 May, 09:00 - 14 May 2016, 17:00

“Resilience” is emerging as one of the most important global keywords in the 21st Century. Developing from the field of eco-system, the world has gained popularity in various fields, such as environmental impact assessment, social and health impact assessment, international development, and climate change, as well as natural and man-made disasters.

The experience of the severe earthquake and nuclear accident in 2011 emphasized that increasing our capacity for resilience to damage is an urgent issue facing Japanese society. Not only in our country, but for the rest of the world, improving resilience for sustainable communities is a common issue. We expect to share information and experiences on this theme among delegates from all over the world.

IPIECA will be presenting the IPIECA-IOGP Health Impact Assessment guide at this conference.

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