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SPE webinar features the 'IPIECA-IOGP Health Management Contract Guidelines for Clients and Contractors'

Online 19 October 2016 14:30 - 15:30

This webinar is intended to inform professionals who either manage health contracts or who have responsibilities in supporting contracts of this nature (Procurement, HSE professionals, etc.) that in the workplace, an effective health management system requires active and positive collaboration bewteen operators and contractors. Without such as system then there is the potential for:

  • Loss of life
  • Health-related accidents
  • Injuries and illness

Disruptions in operations In 2015, to assist the operator and contractor relationship and to avoid potential confusion regarding responsibilities and expectations of both parties, the IOGP/IPIECA Health Committee published a guideline document entitled Health Management contract guidelines for clients and contractors. The document provides guidance on:

  • health management system elements, requirements and deliverables;
  • establishing roles and responsibilities between contractor(s) and client/operator;
  • health aspects related to the pre-qualification, bidding and execution phase; and
  • promoting transparency and effective communication on health management in contracts.

This webinar will involve key speakers from a leading service contractor, Eugene Toukam, Schlumberger VP HSE for Europe and Africa and a major healthcare company, Simon Hawthorne, VP Legal, and UnitedHealthcare Global Medical, providing examples of real problems that can occur in the absence of such a strategic contract management plan. Finally, Dr. Alex Barbey, International Health Coordinator, Schlumberger Limited, who chaired the IOGP/IPIECA health taskforce which produced the guideline will explain how utilization of the guidelines can avoid the issues described and prevent a negative impact due to deficiencies in contract management.

Please find the document here.

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