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Webinar: water risk assessment tools: a focus on global and local tools provided by IPIECA and GEMI

Online 12 September 2013 15:00 - 16:00

Update: webinar presentation and audio now available:

GEMI and IPIECA have developed a unique set of water sustainability risk assessment tools that can be utilized globally and locally by a variety of business sectors, including the oil and gas sector, to better understand and manage water risks. These include the:

This webinar will highlight the business value of using water risk assessment tools, providing an overview of the available tools and how they are mutually supportive. Input will be solicited from participants who have successfully used water risk assessment tools on their experiences, challenges and any innovative ways they may have adapted the tools to specific business operations.

The webinar will be hosted by the 2degrees network. To register your interest, please visit:

In addition, GEMI and IPIECA will be hosting a 1-day workshop (split over two days) in mid-October in Houston, Texas. The workshop will give participants the opportunity to discuss how they are using water risk assessment tools, share lessons learned, identify challenges, and highlight suggestions for improvement.

For further information on the workshop please contact Amy Goldman at GEMI or Ruth Romer at IPIECA.

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