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Bangladesh began managing community grievances when onshore seismic activities were taking place under Chevron Bangladesh Blocks Thirteen and Fourteen, Ltd. The process was subsequently expanded for use with communities surrounding additional operational areas and over the years has been enhanced based on continuous learning, a key attribute of rights-respecting mechanisms.

The team has established a cross-functional grievance resolution committee, comprising internal stakeholders across multiple areas, including operations, health and safety, security, and community engagement. This team has assessed, reviewed and addressed more than 50 grievances since their creation in 2016. The types of grievances lodged have included impacts of security lighting and water discharge, among others.

For example, when the grievance related to security lighting was introduced, a review revealed that the intensity of the security lighting may have been one of the contributing hindrances to the ability for some crops located very close to the fence to complete the process of photosynthesis. To contribute to remediation, the angle of the lighting was changed and the intensity of the lighting reduced.

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