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As part of its commitment to transparency on climate action, OMV intends to report not only on its own position and action on climate change but also on the position of industry associations in which OMV is a member.

OMV established a review process in early 2020 to ensure that the main associations in which OMV is a member also support the Paris Agreement. In the first paper in 2020, twelve key industry association memberships were reviewed. In 2021, 16 association were reviewed, and the scope of the review was expanded to cover not just support of the Paris Agreement, but also support of the EU climate targets and the World Bank's 'Zero routine flaring by 2030' initiative. OMV is continuously monitoring this issue and will continue to report on it annually going forward.

In cases of misalignment, especially partial misalignment, OMV will first advocate for changes in the association's position. Where OMV's position and an association's position continue to fail to align, OMV will reassess its membership. If OMV is not able to influence the association to adopt a more aligned position on a highly material issue, it will consider ending the participation or membership.

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