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While Sonangol does not operate directly in protected areas, the Company acknowledges the impact of its activities on the local ecosystem and biodiversity. As a voluntary initiative, Sonangol E.P. launched the five-year Blue Carbon Project in 2021 in partnership with the Otchiva NGO, with an annual USD 240 000 investment.

This project contributes to environmental conservation and strategic climate action initiatives by reforesting mangrove areas, reducing GHG emissions and increasing ecosystem resilience. During 2022, an estimated 190 000 mangrove sprouts were planted on 11.6 hectares in Luanda. This project is part of a bigger strategy of Sonangols E.P. towards offsetting its carbon emissions, contributing to the achievement of greenhouse gas emissions reduction at a country level, and the restoration and maintenance of mangroves, a vital ecosystem to marine species and the livelihood of Angolan communities.

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