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INPEX CORPORATION (INPEX), Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd. (Idemitsu), and All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (ANA) jointly undertook the carbon offset jet fuel across its entire supply chain for select flights during May 1-31, 2023, coinciding with the G7 Hiroshima Summit in Japan.

In this initiative, INPEX and Idemitsu acquired carbon credits to offset the carbon dioxide (CO2) generated across the jet fuel supply chain, from crude oil production to flight operations. Idemitsu supplied the carbon-neutralized jet fuel to ANA, marking the first instance in Japan where an airline received jet fuel with net-zero CO2 emissions across the entire supply chain.

The carbon offset jet fuel powered all scheduled ANA flights departing from and arriving at Hiroshima Airport between May 1 and May 31, 2023, in tribute to the G7 Hiroshima Summit.

The carbon offset process was third-party certified by SOCOTEC Certification Japan, enhancing its credibility. INPEX, Idemitsu, and ANA continued to explore opportunities towards building net zero carbon society after the G7 Hiroshima Summit. They aimed to proactively engage in energy structure reforms to achieve a net-zero carbon society by 2050, contributing to sustainability and responding to energy demands.

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