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Baker Hughes has launched the Carbon Out programme, engaging over 50,000 employees globally to identify and implement emission reduction initiatives, aligning with its net zero commitment. The programme provides a framework, tools, and resources to educate employees, fostering awareness and collaboration to reduce the company's operational footprint and promote sustainable practices. It targets both short and long-term opportunities for carbon reduction.

In 2023, Baker Hughes showcased its dedication to net zero through the Italian Sites PPA project, a collaborative effort with commercial partner Shell. This initiative aims to supply seven Italian sites with renewable energy from Shell's solar photovoltaic farm. Baker Hughes has estimated annual reduction of 6.8 Kilotons of CO2e equating to a 13% decrease in emissions, akin to removing 1,200 light duty gasoline cars from the road annually.

To mitigate environmental impact, measures have been implemented to safeguard local biodiversity. These include restoring previously uncultivated areas, designing structures to support native plant species and nesting sedentary birds, and enhancing soil health. The project demonstrates Baker Hughes' commitment to sustainability, exemplifying how strategic partnerships can amplify efforts towards emissions reduction while promoting environmental conservation.

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