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The Blacktip gas field, located in the Australian offshore Bonaparte basin, has been part of Eni's 'Caring for Country' project since 2006. The project is within the Aboriginal territory governed by the Northern Land Council. Throughout project development, extensive surveys and consultation were undertaken with the Traditional Owners to determine cultural heritage values that need to be protected and conditions for the long term use of the land for the Blacktip Project.

Eni talked with the local Indigenous community right from the planning and construction phases of the project, and continues to have dialogue to protect the local environmental and cultural heritage values and understand their profound sense of belonging to their land.

In line with goals 3, 14, 15, and 17 Eni supports access to health care for the Indigenous community in the Northern Territory (Goal 3), provides training and capacity development for the protection of local underwater biodiversity (Goal 14) and terrestrial diversity (Goal 15), and also socio-economic development of the local community (Goal 17).

Eni continues to support the Caring for Country project, working in partnership and collaboration with various governmental and non-governmental organizations, including the Australian government, the Northern Land Council and the Thamarrurr Development Corporation (TDC).

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