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The Coastal Conservation Area and Fish Home Project has been carried out under the Ocean for Life memorandum of understanding between PTTEP and Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

The objective of this project is to use local wisdom to develop a home for fish, using natural materials to serve as the habitats and shelters of coastal marine animals in 31 areas in 17 provinces in the Gulf of Thailand. The project also aims to build a coastal conservation area covering 15.5 square km by 2025 and increase the catch rate around 17 provinces by 20% in 2025 and 30% in 2030, compared to the baseline data before PTTEP project implementation. PTTEP has worked with Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, Department of Fisheries, local administrative offices, and a network of fishermen in the coastal conservation area, to establish a 500-meter catch-free zone 1 km from the coastline by installing a fish home.

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