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The Buliisa Farmers Capacity Building Project, supported by McDermott, Pure Grow Africa Limited, has graduated 1500 farmers after comprehensive training covering various aspects of agriculture. Despite challenges like limited access to irrigation, the programme, with a focus on inclusivity, particularly benefiting women and youth, has facilitated a transition from traditional crops to diverse horticultural alternatives, enhancing market relevance and agricultural evolution.

This shift not only meets market demands but also strengthens the link between agriculture and the oil and gas sector. Infrastructure developments by the energy industry have bolstered agricultural supply chains, providing a sustainable source of fresh produce for the community while optimizing operational costs.

Pure Grow Africa Ltd's commitment to community development through capacity-building and value chain enhancement programmes has positioned them as a leader in the East African agribusiness sector. McDermott's involvement highlights its dedication to sustainable growth in Uganda, aligning with its mission of fostering prosperous collaborations with local communities.

Overall, the initiative enhances the agricultural foundation of the region, showcasing McDermott's commitment to inclusive and sustainable development in partnership with local communities.

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