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Driven by their purpose of making modern life possible, Ovintiv is proud of the role their energy products play in fuelling the world. The company’s social commitment is about making a lasting positive impact. This has led to new partnerships with the children’s hospitals in Denver, The Woodlands, and Calgary—investing $10.2 million dollars over the next three years. It intentionally sought partners and programmes that embody its purpose, as well as its commitment to making a positive difference in its communities. The company is also committing additional funds to Ronald McDonald Houses and Inspiration Ranch to further support families going through difficult healthcare journeys.

Their collaboration will directly support key programmes and initiatives aimed at promoting health equity in paediatric medicine, enabling community-based approaches to enhance mental health and well-being, and fostering innovation.

These partnerships also highlight the importance their products play in modern healthcare and daily medical services. From the building of the hospitals themselves to MRI machines, x-ray equipment, pill coatings and Band-Aids – their energy products are imperative to the healthcare industry.

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