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Cepsa and ACE Terminal have entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU), wherein Cepsa will supply green ammonia to the planned import terminal in the port of Rotterdam. This ammonia will be converted back into hydrogen for industrial use or utilized directly in shipping and other industries in Northwest Europe.

Cepsa is developing 2GW of green hydrogen at its two Energy Parks in Andalusia, southern Spain, as part of its 2030 Positive Motion strategy, focusing on sustainable mobility and renewable hydrogen production. The Andalusian Green Hydrogen Valley, where Cepsa is investing in two hydrogen plants, will serve as Europe's largest green hydrogen hub. ACE Terminal, developed by Gasunie, HES International, and Vopak, will act as an entry point for green ammonia, facilitating its distribution to end markets and conversion into green hydrogen.

The partnership aims to decarbonize industry and transport in Northwest Europe, ensuring energy security and affordability. It also supports Cepsa's goal to export green hydrogen from Spain by 2027 and establishes a green hydrogen corridor between Rotterdam and Algeciras. The MoU signifies a crucial step in developing hydrogen corridors across Europe and achieving decarbonization and climate goals.

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