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România Eficientă' is a unique initiative in Romania, aimed to create a culture of energy efficiency in the building sector. The project has two major dimensions: on the one hand, a dimension of information, education and public awareness and, on the other hand, one of major renovation works at nZEB standards, in public schools in Romania. Both perspectives open new paths in an area of great potential for Romania and strongly emphasized in the energy-climate policies of the European Union, centered around the principle of 'energy efficiency first'. The project becomes all the more important in the context of the European Green Deal, which places great emphasis on energy efficiency, one of the main pillars of the new European policies, and on building renovation

This is the largest private project of national interest dedicated to energy efficiency in buildings and has entered 2022 the stage of renovation of partner schools ('Elie Radu' High-School in Ploieşti, Liliești Secondary School – Băicoi, Prahova County) and technical documentation of a kindergarten (Ovidiu, Constanța County). In 2022, OMV Petrom granted for 'România Eficientă' approximately EUR 8 million for the renovation of 6 other educational units until 2026. In 2022, 'România Eficientă' received the external recognition as 'Energy Efficiency Programme of the Year', within the Energy Gala Awards – The Diplomat Bucharest.

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