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Tullow Oil emphasizes stakeholder engagement in its operations, led by social performance teams in host countries. This approach allows Tullow to understand local community needs and concerns, fostering open dialogue and partnership to support its social license to operate and deliver Shared Prosperity.

In Ghana, Tullow engages with over 115 communities around its Jubilee and TEN operations, conducting participatory consultations mandated by local authorities. Meetings with various stakeholders, including government agencies and local fishing communities, address topics such as security transitions, ensuring positive acceptance of changes.

In Kenya, Tullow awaits public hearings on its Upstream Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for oilfield development. It conducts outreach to affected communities and authorities, addressing concerns about land acquisition and commitments related to resettlement. Tullow also builds relationships with newly elected officials to align project progress with regional priorities.

Overall, Tullow's commitment to listening, sharing, and facilitating dialogue underscores its dedication to understanding and addressing the needs and aspirations of both local governments and communities, aiming to benefit all stakeholders while advancing Shared Prosperity.

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