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CNOOC has deployed a revolutionary deep-water floating wind power on the Guanlan platform, located in the South China Sea, aiming to supply green power to its offshore oil and gas production facilities, constituting a significant move towards renewable energy adoption and emissions reduction in their operations.

The innovative floating structure is equipped with a 7.25-megawatt typhoon-proof turbine and utilizes advanced technology, including a spread mooring system and online tensioner, to ensure operational stability even under extreme weather conditions. After the project is put into operation, the electricity generated by the turbine will be connected to the power grid of the offshore oilfield group. With an annual power generation capacity of 22 million kilowatt hours, the project will cut carbon dioxide emissions by 22,000 tonnes per year.

This pioneering initiative underscores CNOOC's commitment to diversifying its energy portfolio and transitioning towards sustainable practices, marking a notable milestone in China's offshore wind energy sector.

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