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Trident Energy focuses on reducing gas flaring as part of its commitment to responsible resource usage and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. In Brazil, they achieved a significant 48% reduction in flaring-related emissions through various improvements, such as enhancing compression redundancy, repairing gas lift networks, and implementing vapor recovery units. These efforts demonstrate their ability to manage mature assets effectively and improve environmental performance through targeted investments.

In Equatorial Guinea, where infrastructure limitations pose challenges, Trident Energy is progressing with an investment programme aimed at reducing gas flaring, with the first phase of the FEED process completed. This programme aligns with their strategic objective of reducing carbon intensity by 50%. Trident Energy's approach to flaring is guided by its HSE Management System framework, ensuring the identification, assessment, and mitigation of environmental impacts. They prioritize gas utilization, emissions reduction, and effective incident response while investing in asset productivity and reliability to further improve emissions performance.

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