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Within Repsol's Delta II wind project, the Jiloca cluster in Spain is a key focus of their human rights due diligence efforts. Situated in the municipal districts of Monforte de Moyuela, Loscos, Huesa del Común, and Nogueras, the Jiloca cluster plays a crucial role in Repsol's commitment to minimizing the impacts of their operations on human rights and obtaining a social license. The Human Rights Impact Assessment for the Jiloca cluster involves a participatory approach with primary stakeholders, including local communities and city councils.

The assessment encompasses various steps, such as initial meetings to express commitments and goals, information collection through internal analysis and site visits, participatory workshops with the community to propose mitigation measures, an open session for validation of results, and a lessons learned session for continuous improvement. The Jiloca Local Development Plan, derived from the assessment results, aims to promote social opportunities, maximize social investment impact, and enhance the quality of life for the local population. Repsol allocates a percentage of the park's profits to social investment projects in the Jiloca cluster, emphasizing its commitment to creating shared value and being a positive force for development in the region.

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