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TotalEnergies operates the combined photovoltaic and wind power plants of La Perrière on Réunion Island (Indian Ocean). The site is located near (approximately 2.5 km) the Réunion Island National Park, a category II IUCN listed area. Réunion Island is a recognized biodiversity hotspot (among the top 34 globally) with high species endemicity.

Given the site's location and to avoid and minimize its impacts on the sensitive habitat, TotalEnergies has developed a biodiversity action plan (BAP). This region is home to mid-altitude wetlands, remarkable plant species and several endangered fauna species. In total, 15 priority biodiversity species (endemic and threatened) have been identified in the La Perrière project area, including 12 species which trigger critical habitat criteria and which are therefore within the potential scope of the BAP. The BAP includes several measures to mitigate impacts on biodiversity.

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