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Halliburton, in collaboration with Siguler Guff & Company, LP, launched Envana Software Partners, LLC, providing emissions management software solutions for the oil and gas sector.

The Envana™ platform offers SaaS solutions to track greenhouse gas emissions, offering a comprehensive picture to manage and reduce carbon footprints effectively. It incorporates Halliburton's operational expertise and best practices, with future products in development for methane detection and quantification management.

Envana Catalyst, the venture's first offering, increases transparency in environmental impact by tracking emissions from drilling, completions, and production operations, allowing for actionable recommendations throughout the asset lifecycle. It integrates with existing customer software for automated emissions forecasting and tracking. Halliburton Landmark serves as the channel partner, leveraging its global relationships to support sales. Envana Catalyst is available both standalone and integrated into Halliburton's DecisionSpace® 365 suite. The venture aims to bridge corporate sustainability with industry-leading emissions data analytics, facilitating responsible energy development with artificial intelligence and machine learning-driven decision-making.

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