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Assala utilises ex-situ landfarming to treat legacy sludge, oil residue, and black spot areas contaminated with hydrocarbons. This process utilises bioremediation, employing enzymes and microorganisms to degrade pollutants into less harmful substances.

Results from tests conducted by an independent laboratory in December 2022 showed a significant reduction in average hydrocarbon concentration in the soil, meeting France’s Bureau de recherches géologiques et minières (BGRM) recommendations for contaminated land management.

Assala has been remediating legacy black spots since 2019, with 27,000m3 of treated land backfilled into excavated zones since 2022. This technique not only eliminates legacy waste but also provides a solution in the event of any future spills, allowing contaminated soil to be rehabilitated and returned to the environment. Continuous monitoring of groundwater sources ensures timely identification should there be any newly contaminated areas, including natural seeps. Teams are in place, ready to respond in case of a spill, removing soil for treatment at the dedicated landfarming site.

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