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Murphy Oil continues to evolve and enhance the water management software application that was first developed for its Tupper Montney asset in 2019. Today, the app supports its entire onshore water operations in the US and Canada with real-time monitoring, reporting and alerts.

Features include:

  • Tracking of produced water pond leak detection volumes
  • Tracking of daily and monthly water pond volume, composition and inspections
  • The ability to perform data analytics
  • Calculating the ratio of produced water to freshwater consumption for each well
  • Providing an auditable data trail and automated reporting

With better data reporting, analysis and sharing capabilities, Murphy Oil has realised the following benefits:

  • Early detection of potential leaks from produced water ponds
  • Quicker, easier integration of water management considerations into operational decisions
  • Improved planning and forecasting, leading to cost reductions
  • Increased produced water recycling and lowered disposal
  • Enhanced reporting capability

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