The Ipieca Principles and the Ipieca-WBCSD SDG Roadmap are key frameworks through which Ipieca aims to inspire action. This repository provides tangible examples of how members are operationalising the principles and embedding SDG Roadmap actions in their business, offering inspiration and insights for other companies. The examples are supplemented with relevant Ipieca good practice guidance and resources to further support companies to take the next step on their sustainability journey.

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Supporting commercial scaling and marketing of AI-enabled concentrated solar energy technology
  • Map-pinUnited States & Australia

Woodside Energy and Heliogen, a leading provider of AI-enabled concentrated solar energy, are collaborating on a commercial-scale demonstration deployment of Heliogen's technology in California. The technology aims to cost-effectively deliver near 24/7 carbon-free energy in the form of heat, power, or green hydrogen fuel at scale.

Supporting the Territorialization and Acceleration of SDGs project
  • Map-pinGlobal

Petrobras supported the Territorialization and Acceleration of SDGs project, carried out by the UN Development Programme (UNDP), with the objective of strengthening the 2030 Agenda at the municipal level and, thereby, contributing to the achievement of sustainable development.

Developing social baseline for offshore seismic survey
  • Map-pinAsia

Presented with the problem of limited existing baseline data pertaining to the fisheries present within a seismic survey area, an oil and gas company decided to partner with regional and national wildlife conservation groups and two universities to develop a fisheries study.

Making clean water accessible
  • Map-pinSouth Sudan

In its effort to create positive social impacts where it operates, PETRONAS has been championing access to clean water in South Sudan, joining hands with the national NGO Nile Hope to benefit the population by establishing the Water for Life programme since 2018.

The SGE Methodology for LNG cargo
  • Map-pinSingapore

QatarEnergy and Chevron have partnered with Pavilion Energy to create a Statement of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Methodology. The initiative is one of the first to develop and publish a methodology specifically to quantify the GHG emissions associated with a delivered LNG cargo.

A circular economy for polyurethane foam
  • Map-pinSpain

Repsol Reciclex® is a circular material that gives products a second life. The Repsol Reciclex® range, which encompasses both polyolefins and polyols, is made with different types of plastic waste that are incorporated into virgin polymers that otherwise would end up in landfill.

Using innovative technology to upgrade flash gas
  • Map-pinUnited States

Shell installed technology in 2019 in its Permian Basin (Texas) asset to reduce oxygen concentrations in oil tank vapors. As a result the gas now meets pipeline quality specifications for off-site sales, allowing it to be monetized and reducing flaring by 40%.

Scaling clean hydrogen technologies
  • Map-pinFrance

In a private-public partnership model, SLB is partnering with French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Comissions (CEA) and partners to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective technology for producing clean hydrogen, a versatile energy and key component of the energy transition.

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