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Kosmos Energy emphasizes the importance of a just energy transition, recognizing the need for economic justice and dignified lives for all people. The company supports its host countries in Western and Central Africa, including Ghana, Senegal, Mauritania, and Equatorial Guinea in developing their resources responsibly.

A report by Oxford Economics, supported by Kosmos Energy, highlights the energy trajectories in these countries and underscores the vital role of natural gas in their energy transitions. Despite the growing importance of renewables, oil and natural gas remain central to their socio-economic progress. However, there's a need to address energy poverty, with a significant portion of the population lacking access to electricity and clean cooking options. The report emphasizes the importance of natural gas in providing cleaner cooking options and reducing indoor air pollution. It also underscores the role of natural gas in complementing renewables in electricity production and reducing emissions.

Kosmos Energy aims to contribute to the development of its host countries by promoting a collaborative and accountable approach, ultimately becoming an investor of choice in these nations.

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