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Canacol Energy focuses on community empowerment and improving health and safety conditions independently of its resource extraction activities. Successful projects in 2022 include:

  • Aqueduct Project in San Tropel, El Crucero, Sahagún: Improved potable water access by 42% for 60 households at a 44% lower cost. Community leaders reported significant well-being benefits.
  • Domestic Gas Project in Vereda La Quebrada, Sahagún, Córdoba: Connected 110 households to the domestic gas supply, resulting in a 20% reduction in gas service costs and enhanced reliability.
  • Housing Improvement Project in Vereda El Paisaje, La Unión, Sucre: Positively impacted 59 households, with 63% receiving new floors and 33% new roofing materials. Expanded housing reduced overcrowding by 50%.

Canacol Energy prioritizes projects that empower communities and enhance their quality of life.

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