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In collaboration with the Colombian Petroleum Institute (ICP), Ecopetrol initiated the TERRA project aimed at estimating carbon stocks and fluxes in ecosystems and sustainable production systems, directing natural climate solutions (NCS) implementation to decarbonize operations. Partnerships include:

  • Pontificia Javeriana University: developing methods for capturing and storing greenhouse gases (GHGs) in ecosystems and experimenting with NCS.
  • IDEAM and Natura Foundation: updating national land cover maps and standardising GHG quantification methods.
  • Carbon & Forest Research Center Corporation (C&B): evaluating GHG capture and storage in mangrove ecosystems.
  • Colombian Air Force (FAC) and CODALTEC: venturing into aerospace sciences for GHG study, including the launch of FACSAT2 nanosatellite.
  • Santo Tomás University of Bucaramanga: researching agroforestry systems for carbon capture in cocoa production.
  • Microsoft: developing a platform integrating digital capabilities for designing and studying nature-based solutions, utilizing Internet of Things, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence for real-time monitoring and analysis of decarbonization strategies.

These alliances reflect Ecopetrol's commitment to leveraging partnerships for innovative approaches to combat climate change and enhance sustainability in Colombia's territorial context.

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