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Biodiversity, land and water stewardship
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Since 2015, EOG has supported Texan by Nature, a collaborative partnership between natural resource users and conservation experts to promote conservation efforts that help sustain Texas's working lands, water supplies, and wildlife.

In the Eagle Ford, EOG is working in partnership with Texan by Nature and private landowners to create over 350 acres of native pollinator habitat by reseeding well pads, pipeline rights of way, and other areas associated with our leases with native grasses and nectar-producing plants. These grasses and plants can provide highprotein forage and food plots, which maintain and improve habitat conditions for the monarch butterfly and numerous other species in this migratory corridor. Additionally, the native grasses require less maintenance and are more drought tolerant than nonnative grasses.

Since starting this project in 2019, over 60% of the 350-acre commitment has been or is planned to be planted, and we continue to identify additional sites for reseeding.

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