The Ipieca Principles and the Ipieca-WBCSD SDG Roadmap are key frameworks through which Ipieca aims to inspire action. This repository provides tangible examples of how members are operationalising the principles and embedding SDG Roadmap actions in their business, offering inspiration and insights for other companies. The examples are supplemented with relevant Ipieca good practice guidance and resources to further support companies to take the next step on their sustainability journey.

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Cuentame grievance mechanisms
  • Map-pinColombia and Ecuador

Proactive, open and honest relations with its neighbours are of key importance both to the GeoPark’s ethos and to smooth operations, and a key part of GeoPark’s community engagement strategy is its Cuentame grievance mechanism.

Strategic alliances with the Center for Innovation and Technology - Colombia Petroleum Institute (ICP)
  • Map-pinColombia

The TERRA project is aimed at estimating carbon stocks and fluxes in ecosystems and sustainable production systems, directing natural climate solutions implementation to decarbonize operations.

Social investment projects for rural communities
  • Map-pinColombia

Canacol Energy focuses on community empowerment and improving health and safety conditions independently of its resource extraction activities.

Promoting sustainability through procurement
  • Map-pinColombia

Canacol Energy emphasizes engaging with suppliers in long-term, mutually beneficial, and shared responsibility relationships. This includes ensuring that procurement processes comply with strict standards for occupational health and safety, environmental stewardship, social responsibility, ethics, and respect for human rights.

Connecting rural communities through improved road infrastructure
  • Map-pinColombia

As a goal of 2024, Ecopetrol has proposed to intervene 958 kilometers of roads, contributing to the dynamism of the regions, access to better land mobility conditions, and the generation of employment, mostly local.

Improving access to health services for women
  • Map-pinColombia

GeoPark marked its arrival in Meta department by holding medical drives for women from Barranca de Upía and Cabuyaro to access health services for the prevention and diagnosis of cancer. The activities are part of GeoPark's ‘Brave Woman' programme, reflecting the company's commitment to promoting the empowerment of rural women, as well as equality, inclusion and diversity among all its stakeholders.

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