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IPIECA’s vision is to advance the oil and gas industry’s environmental and social performance and contribution to the energy transition in the context of sustainable development. We welcome any qualifying organizations that share this vision to join us.

We have three categories of membership:

  • Corporate members:
    international and national oil and gas companies of any size, with operations in exploration, production, transportation or refining.
  • Association members:
    international, regional and national associations covering environmental or social aspects of exploration, production or refining.
  • Associate members: 
    any company or corporate body which provides services in connection with exploration, production, treatment, storage or transportation. 

Benefits of membership

  • Access to a diverse and far reaching network of companies and representatives, reflecting views across different regions, sub sectors and ownership models.
  • Representation of company member consensus views at the United Nations and other international and internal fora of events.
  • Access to peer networks through working groups and events to share knowledge and understanding of existing and emerging issues.
  • Identifying and sharing issues important to the company, for IPIECA members to consider and work together.
  • Early access to good practice to improve performance, as well as experience with, and leanings from, implementing them.
  • Contributing to a unified industry voice on key issues.
  • Taking a collaborative approach to emerging issues.
  • Building networks within the industry and with key external stakeholders.

On joining IPIECA, organizations become part of a respected industry group with shared values and a commitment to:

  • Contribute to sustainable development by providing safe and reliable energy in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.
  • Conduct their operations and activities in accordance with applicable law related to environmental and social issues and ethical business practices.
  • Improve their performance in addressing environmental and social issues.
  • Develop, share and promote implementation of sound practices and solutions with others in the industry, and engage with stakeholders in order to take into account their expectations, concerns, ideas and views, and work with government and non-government organizations.

If you would like to find out more about joining IPIECA, please contact Avella Daley, +44 (0) 20 7633 2371,

Corporate members


Associate members

Association members