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Ipieca has released its 2020 Annual Review.

The theme of this year's Review is 'Contributing to the energy transition in the context of sustainable development'. It reflects how Ipieca is uniquely positioned to make a positive contribution to the energy transition by providing leadership for the oil and gas industry across four interconnected areas: climate, nature, people and sustainability.

Throughout 2020, Ipieca carried out a strategic review, involving member consultation and feedback from key external stakeholders, to develop Ipieca's 2021-2024 strategy. The key strategic aims were to determine Ipieca's role in the energy transition and sustainability agenda while continuing to advance the environmental and social performance of the industry.

'Our new vision places sustainable development at the heart of what we do', says Ipieca Executive Director, Brian Sullivan. 'While the COVID-19 crisis has caused social and economic disruption, it has also created a real sense of shared responsibility for building a brighter future by placing climate, nature and people at the heart of our recovery from COVID-19', he continues.

During a challenging year for all, Ipieca continued to convene the oil and gas industry and key external stakeholders around a wide range of interdependent sustainability issues, adapting to the difficulties presented by the global COVID-19 pandemic, producing over 30 good practice guides, nearly 40 webinars and participating in 28 external events - including 8 UN conferences - representing the industry and sharing our resources widely.

Looking to the future, Ipieca Chair, Morten Mikkelsen, comments, 'This same spirit of collaboration shown during 2020 will be necessary to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals. Here the oil and gas industry will have an important role to play, supporting the transition to a low-emissions future while also ensuring there is enough energy to support fair growth and improved living conditions for all.'

Download the 2020 Annual Review.

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