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Find out how Ipieca and its members contributed to a sustainable energy transition over the past year.

Ipieca 2023 Annual review

A 50th anniversary special, this edition looks back on key milestones from the last 5 decades as well as the progress Ipieca, its members and key stakeholders have made in 2023, working in collaboration, towards a sustainable energy transition. It includes:

  • 50 years of Ipieca timeline
  • Ipieca Principles, 1 year anniversary
  • Contributions to UN conventions and initiatives
  • Overview of Ipieca‚Äôs climate, nature, people and sustainability work programmes

High-level facts and figures from 2023:

  • 41 good practice guidance, briefs and tools
  • Collaboration with 70 UN, NGO, business and academic partners
  • Technical expertise, input and support for 18 UN conferences and meetings
  • 25 webinars with over 1,500 attendees
  • 2 peer-to-peer workshops

Download the Annual Review

Ipieca-WBCSD SDG Roadmap progress report 2024

This report demonstrates the progress Ipieca and its members are making on implementing the Ipieca-WBCSD SDG Roadmap for the oil and gas sector, which launched in 2021 and includes over 90 actions for Ipieca and the industry to accelerate SDG action.

A traffic light system is utilised to track progress, plus a selection of case studies from across our global membership showcases the breadth of their progress, alongside key indicators.

The SDG Roadmap progress report 2024 report includes:

  • 46 member case studies from 41 countries across the areas of climate, nature and people
  • From international oil and energy companies, national oil companies, independents and service companies
  • Updates on Ipieca progress across its designated actions
  • Plus a new section on how members are measuring and reporting SDG progress

Download the progress report

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