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3rd Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Peer-to-Peer Training Workshop

Following on from previous workshops, the 3rd Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (BES) Peer-to-Peer Training Workshop took place in Bangkok, Thailand, on the 17-18 November, 2016.
Hosted by PTTEP, 50 participants, from 13 countries and 15 oil and gas companies took part in the two-day workshop to learn about the fundamental principles for managing BES issues throughout the lifecycle of oil and gas operations. Modules were delivered by company experts who provided key insights into good BES issue management. The training was highly interactive to facilitate learning and provided an excellent opportunity for oil and gas professionals from different regions and companies to engage with one another, sharing learnings and good practices.
Participants and presenters were welcomed by PTTEP’s CEO Dr. Somporn Vongvuthipornchai at a welcome reception who expressed his pleasure in hosting the workshop and highlighted the enthusiasm of companies in the region to learn more about BES issue management for the oil and gas industry.
The workshop included:

  • Information on key BES concepts and approaches.
  • An overview and breakdown of key principles of BES issue management.
  • A chance to test learnings throughout the two days using a hypothetical case study exercise.
  • Mini case studies from IPIECA members demonstrating good practice.
  • Interactive quiz questions and discussion sessions.

IPIECA is pleased that the Peer-to-Peer Workshop Series continues to grow in strength and remains a highly useful and appropriate tool to spread messages of good BES issue management across the sector. The next BES workshop will likely take place in 2018, details are yet to be confirmed.

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