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In July 2022, Ipieca launched eight principles as a new condition of membership. The principles outline what Ipieca and our members stand for, setting clear performance expectations on some of the most pressing environmental and societal challenges of our time.

Grouped under Ipieca’s four strategic pillars of climate, nature, people and sustainability, the principles promote awareness and alignment with major global agreements, underpinned by good practice.

Driving industry support for UN conventions

As the UN-industry interface, one of Ipieca’s core roles is to drive industry support for UN conventions. The Ipieca Principles align a significant proportion of the industry (with Ipieca members responsible for over 50% of global oil and gas production) around the Paris Agreement, the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the Sustainable Development Goals.

This clear statement of support has acted as a catalyst for further collaboration, enhancing our engagement with stakeholders in UN, NGO, civil society and academic organizations, and fostering new partnerships.

Inspiring action through leadership

Over the past year, Ipieca members have continued to differentiate themselves as leaders in sustainability by embedding these principles in their businesses; actively working to reduce their carbon footprint, minimize their impact on ecosystems, and respect the rights and well-being of workers and local communities.

‘The Ipieca Principles were designed to inspire action. Throughout the last year we’ve seen amazing work from our member companies which demonstrate how they live the principles day in day out.’
Brian Sullivan, Ipieca Executive Director

To recognise this year of progress and support peer-learning across the industry, we are pleased to launch a new ‘Member action’ section on our website, sharing examples of how our members are operationalising the principles. Paired with the existing implementation toolkit of practical actions and good practice guidance, we hope that these mini case studies will support companies across the industry to kickstart or advance their sustainability journeys.

Members and stakeholders reflect on the Ipieca Principles

Steve Edwards
Morten Mikkelsen
Deena Clayton

We want to hear from you!

Share your thoughts on the Ipieca Principles. How is your company living by/operationalising the principles, and how we can enhance their impact?

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