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Ipieca member company bp has pledged new measures to help restore, maintain and enhance nature in recognition of the action needed to strengthen biodiversity.

To coincide with World Environment Day, bp has published a position paper setting out new aims to achieve a net positive impact on biodiversity in its new projects and to enhance biodiversity around its existing major operating sites.

The energy major has committed to not operate any new oil and gas exploration or production activities inside the boundary of officially inscribed UNESCO World Heritage sites and the boundaries of Strict Nature Reserves or Wilderness Areas.

From 2022 onwards, new bp operated projects - from across its oil and gas, and renewables portfolio - whose planned activities have the potential for significant direct impacts on biodiversity will be required to develop net positive impact action plans.

bp's new position was developed with the help of international nature and conservation organizations and experts, including Conservation International, Fauna & Flora International, UNESCO and IUCN.

Commenting on its new position paper, bp CEO Bernard Looney said, 'Today opens a new chapter in our approach to biodiversity. Because, along with climate change, loss of biodiversity is one of the greatest threats the world faces.'

Ipieca works to enhance biodiversity management in oil and gas industry activities by bringing together experience and scientific knowledge from within and outside the industry. Its members integrate biodiversity and ecosystem services conservation considerations into their business management systems, using a risk-based approach to manage the potential impacts to the environment. For more information please visit: /work/environment/bes-issue-management/

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