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Call for input: The oil and gas industry and sustainable development

IPIECA has partnered with the United States Council for International Business on their Business for Post-2015 website to showcase business activities that exemplify the private sector’s past and continuing contributions to sustainable development.


The United Nations is in the midst of a process to define the Post 2015 Development Agenda (which will replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) when they expire in 2015), including through the establishment of a set of universally applicable Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

IPIECA hosts a SDG Network to keep members informed of developments in defining the Post-2015 Development Agenda and to ensure that relevant organizations within the UN and outside are informed about our work as it relates to the UN SDGs. We are currently mapping the draft SDGs to determine those that are relevant for our industry and undertaking a gap analysis of the work already being done to meet them, as well as identify where there might be opportunities for further activities.

In this context, the Business for Post-2015 website will provide an easily accessible resource for UN member states and stakeholders to understand all that the private sector has done, and is continuing to do, that is relevant to the central role it will need to play in achieving the Post-2015 Development Agenda. It will also serve as a resource for the private sector by making the Post-2015 process and the SDGs more accessible, understandable and relevant.

How you can participate

  • The site is organized around the 17 draft SDGs and their specific targets and aims to catalogue examples of private sector contributions to these specific goals/targets through core business activities and/or philanthropic programs.
  • See the first contributions to the site from Coca-Cola in relation to targets under Goal 3 (ensure healthy lives) and Goal 5(ensure gender equality) and Goal 8 (inclusive economic growth). The website briefly summarizes the activity and then links back to the company’s sustainability page with more detailed descriptions.
  • To suggest activities for inclusion on the site or if you have any questions, please contact IPIECA or USCIB.

The Post-2015 Development Agenda: What is it?

  • • The changes set in motion by the Rio+20 outcome, and the looming deadline for the MDGs in 2015 have presented the UN with a historic opportunity to redefine the sustainable development agenda.
  • • In September 2015 UN member states will approve a new global agenda that will aim to resolve two critical issues confronting the world community: how to end poverty and how to promote sustainable development.
  • • A set of SDGs will be at the core of this new development agenda. The SDGs will be action-oriented and universally applicable to all countries while taking into account different national realities, capacities and levels of development and respecting national policies and priorities.
  • • The private sector will be an essential partner to bridging the gap in finance and technical capacity necessary to meet the challenge of the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda and the specific SDGs proposed.

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